Why mobile shopping can not replace the desktop?

Online marketers need to know!


I agree this era is of Mobile. Statistics of festival shopping like Black Friday reveals that online orders coming from smartphones is nearly 57%. Walmart reported that sales of smart phones increased by nearly tripled on compared to 2014. This trend may suggest that the end product sales on the desktop will be gradually declining.

When the e-commerce business began to boom there was uncertainty whether online store is necessary?

Today, it appears that there is a need for online store.

Does it mean having an online store will lead to higher sales? Not necessarily. The traffic coming from mobile devices may be higher but it does not mean that the conversion rate is higher for mobile over alternate sales channel for businesses. A study shows that almost 70% of customers gather product information on mobile phones but in terms of sales the conversion rate from the mobiles was quite low.

One of the reasons for conversion rate from the mobile being quite low is the cumbersome process of filling the required information including complete address to pay through mobile is often time consuming and not easy for everyone.

One of the solutions is to make it easy for online customers to make the payment or checkout the most convenient way which will benefit businesses in the long run.

It’s easier said than done but it’s crucial to make mobile purchase process convenient. It does not mean that shopping on mobile will replace desktop or laptop. There are many customers who do not shop online on mobile even once. Such customers continues to use smart phones to read e-mail promotions, visit website, use social media and read reviews before buying.

For businesses to have Omni-channel presence is an advantage. As an online marketer it’s important to note that the consumer may not prefer one channel over another or purchase from only one channel, so business owners should focus on creating a seamless shopping experience on various platforms over the existing.


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